Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New shopping new life

New shopping new life!
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Look forward to your early reply!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Study: Shortage of Key Talent in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is only one of a few countries in the region where salary increases are greater than the real inflation. Unlike UAE and Qatar where salary increases are below the inflation, employees in Saudi Arabia have a greater earnings opportunity. Qatar, considered to being a leading payer in the region, especially for professional jobs and below, experienced salary increases much behind the inflation rate.

In Saudi Arabia, however, there is a shortage of key talent and the high on-going hiring rate is causing difficulty in maintaining internal equity within the organization. Companies are offering more competitive salary packages for new hires, particularly in managerial and executive positions, targeting median or upper quartile market levels. This is because of the very high demand for people and reduced supply from traditional markets for hiring expatriates. This has faced employers with a dilemma — do we pay the high numbers sought or settle for a less capable individual? The heightened demand for a scarcity of established talent has also led a significant number of employers to look much more seriously into incentive bonus arrangements to shift the balance from fixed to variable in the package and ensure they obtain real value for higher remuneration arrangements.

Dial e for government

Although it is relatively late in announcing its project, Saudi Arabia will have one of the world’s leading systems of e-government, according to one of the prominent figures in the project.

Dr Fahad Al Hoymany, minister’s advisor for IT, head of e-government infrastructure, ministry of communication & IT, Saudi Arabia, says that the Kingdom’s delayed introduction to e-government is not necessarily a disadvantage. “Saudi Arabia will probably have one of the best e-government infrastructures in the world,” he says. “We started late and there is always an advantage in starting late. You can learn from what everyone else is doing.”

Al Hoymany added that the e-government project in Saudi was particularly focused on including all of its citizens. “By 2010 we want everybody in Saudi Arabia from anywhere in the country to enjoy world class e-government services,” he says. “We are not talking about an elite group of people that are going to be enjoying this service, we’re talking about everyone.”

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Facts & Figures

The most well known strategy that Saudi drivers are famous of is
whooshing in front of other cars while driving.
I mean turning signals are there for a reason you pricks!

Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat- Dr Abdul Jalil Al Saif, a member of the
Saudi Shura Council revealed that the number of deaths caused by road
accidents has risen by 15% since last year, highlighting that the
number of traffic violations has reached 10 million.

This is really scary people. 10 Million!! That would mean that one out
of two Saudis got a traffic violation.
The main reason for such "habal" would be that most drivers lack
awareness of traffic codes. And the ones
who are well acquainted with the regulations simply don't comply with
them. I also think that our driving
schools should get some of blame (if not all) for these rising
violation figures and deaths . I remember when I first
got my driving license from Riyadh driving school (Dallah), the guy
with the white jacket asked me to park the car,
so I did. When I got out of the car, he said: "Mabrook" you passed the
driving test. WTF!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's time to go WILD!

I absolutely hate the fact that some kids think that they can do
whatever whenever wherever what their hearts desire
for oh it's that time of the year again where kids go psycho,
YAAAAAY! No school for three fucking months!
Of course I'm referring to youngsters who believe that causing
pandemonium is mandatory for them to accomplish after a long year of
committing to hard work in their academic studies (or as they say...).
With out the slightest doubt all of us must have witnessed such chaos
like boys ridding 50 inch rimmed hummers with their heads barely
reaching the front windshield and driving like hooligans desperately
trying to impress chicks. Or drag racing with four wheeled motor
cycles (Buggies) on side walks (I almost got hit by one while lounging
in "Port City Java" having an innocent cup of coffee). And the noise
oh that noise that just storms in your ears through out your brains is
just unbearable.

I'll defiantly try avoiding sidewalk café's during this period or any
thing that involves outdoor seating for that matter.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

IBIZA Here I come!

Ibiza - the undisputed party champion of the world

If it's nightlife you're after, you've come to the right island.
Ibiza has a hedonistic heritage stretching back more than 30 years.
Top clubs, on form djs, hot bands, a cosmopolitan mix of clubbers,
local residents, freaks, mature partygoers, fresh faces, a wide range
of sexualities, and the full alphabet of celebrities - modern Ibiza
contains multitudes.

Musically there's a wider choice now than ever before - overground,
underground, rock, house, hip hop, techno, electro, r'n'b and not
forgetting of course the ethereal soundscapes of chill here at the
home of the sunset set.

Cafe del Mar, San Antonio, Ibiza

As much a treasured part of Ibiza as Pacha, Privilege, or Las Salinas beach.
In spite of the rise of its brasher, newer neighbours, Mambo,
Savannah, Kanya at al, the name on everybody's lips is still Café del
Mar, which was built in 1980 and designed by well known Catalan
architect Lluis Géell.

The idea is a simple one, you sit by the shores of the bay of Calo
des Moro in San Antonio and admire the stunning sunsets to a backdrop
of ambient and eclectic music provided by the DJ in the bar. The
simplicity of the event and the pleasure one takes in the perfect
combination of scenery, beautiful weather and the wonderfully chilled
music, make every sunset a special one. Even now, after 10 years on
the island, we are still awed by the silence which descends on the bar
as the sun reluctantly gives up its last rays, before vanishing below
the horizon.

One of the reasons for the amazing success of this bar are the
excellent chillout albums which have been released annually since
1994, pioneering the chillout genre at the time of the first release.
There have since been many imitators, but only one true Café del

Privilege Ibiza, the world's largest club, near San Rafael


In 1978 the venue known as Club Rafael was bought by three Basques.
One of their number was the famous footballed Jose Antonio Santamaria.
They changed the name of the club to Ku after the nighterie they
already owned in San Sebastian.

Throughout the 80s the soon-to-be legend was born and suckled. In
1987Queen's Freddie Mercury dueted with rival diva opera singer
Montserrat Caballe for a tv show broadcast round the world.

In 1990 a roof was added, lierally bringing to a close an era of
outdoor partying. In 1991 this roof collapsed during a storm and after
refurbishments and much speculation it became Privilege. The arrival
of Manumission in 1996 heralded the modern age of imported promoters,
guest artists and mass club tourism.

Like most venues in Ibiza it depends on the promoter on the given
night. Manumission do popular rave music in the sala principal,
provided by both djs and live bands. They also crank up the dedicated
live venue the Music Box for both their Monday and Friday party, and
incorporate a much-mashed mish mash of rock, house, electro and pop in
the others.

Otherwise it ranges from harder, faster sounds of techno and trance
to happy clappy house.

If it's your first time on a Monday you're highly likely to get lost.
After entering the club down a massive staircase you are now are bang
in the middle of one of the world's largest dancefloors. At its centre
the dj is suspended above a swimming pool . At the far end is a stage
where girls and boys dance around in varying stages of undress and a
show with a non-linear dramatic structure (i.e. it's confusing) takes

Above this room is a the large lattice dome which supports the
Privilege sign. To the left is a multi-level terraced chill out area.
Downstairs is a toilet complete with dj booth. To the right (south) is
the gayer-than-average Coco Loco. In the far corner is the
aforementioned Music Box. There's a map on a sign out the front.

Space Ibiza - the legendary venue in Playa d'en Bossa


In 1989 a concert hall in Ibiza became the home for the concept the
whole world knows as Space. Truly Balearic in its original
incarnation, Pepe Rosello's program included live bands, flamenco
shows and exciting electronic music.

One of its inspired innovations was opening in the morning, after the
other clubs had shut. This, in conjunction with the introduction of
music onto the terrace by raconteurs extraordinaire Alex P and Brandon
Block, caused a sensation.

The reaction was so intense that a decision was made to extend the
hours still further and now Sunday is the biggest day of the week in
Ibiza. Expect to roll out at dawn on Monday.

The success was contagious and music lovers now flock to Space for
different nights from leading lights such as Carl Cox, Manumission, La
Troya, Matinee and more.

From the sublime to the very hard. Funky Balearic house on the Sunset
Terrace, where you can sip Vodka Lemons in the sun and chill out with
Ibiza's wildest clubbers. On the upstairs premier etage you can hear
left-field beats and soulful classics and inside the dirtiest techno
wickedness. A fabulous contrast programme, headed both inside and out
by the world's finest DJs.

Space enjoys something approaching cult status on the world dance
scene. Dedicated clubbers fly in especially for the opening and
closing parties at which an outside stage is set up especially, and
many world class DJs name Space as their favourite club. It is located
right under the flight path of planes landing at Ibiza's only airport.
As the jets come swooping in everyone there and on the Sunset Terrace
throws their arms to the sky and screams.

The Terrace of old is unrecognisable. A booming sound system has been
installed, necessitating its enclosure by glass but allowing a 6am
close time. Inside the Discoteca the art of sonics has been taken to a
new level. It's clairty and power makes djs drool. The lighting will
make your jaw hit the floor.
Upstairs more alternative sounds can be explored in the Caja Roja
(Red Box) and the aforementioned Premier Etage.
Space has great Djs, cool clubbers, and is open when everywhere else
is shut. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rebirth & Rejoice

At last I am but lost in the space of nothingness, eager to discover
fulfillment of the soul. One cannot ask for more happiness , for it's
river of joy is never-ending. Oh but at last I am now found in the
space of emptiness, for I am now...At peace.

It's been said;

"Only silence remains, Because...I have to listen to him...I have
to listen to the silence, I have to experience him...I have to
experience the silence..."

Monday, May 08, 2006

Gladness and grief

These here are my anguished words of truth.

In an ocean of joy, I am drunk with demonic delusions.
With the might of it's compassion arise to bring a quick end to my
flowing stream of sorrow.

What is right and what is wrong

I an ocean of measureless qualities, my happiness is at
it's fullest bloom, I am wrapped in the folds of it's caresses.

What is right and what is wrong

In an ocean of joy that fulfills my most cherished and long felt desire.

What is right and what is wrong

Zen Poetry of Ryokan

"The rain has stopped,

The clouds have drifted away,

And the weather is clear again.

If your heart is pure,

Then all things in your world are pure.

Abandon this fleeting world,

Abandon yourself,

Then the moon and flowers will guide you along the Way."

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